VR Conference Platform Development Guide

VR Conference Platform Development Guide

A VR (Virtual Reality) conference platform is a next-level office space or a meeting space where the employee and bosses gather to discuss work topics, routine reporting, share ideas, make schemes, devise plans and do more with the headsets worn in their heads.

When remote working is becoming a normal business model, many businesses and startups are moving to remote type and looking for ways to indulge VR conference platforms in their company. Hence, they eventually want to know the way to do VR conference platform development. 

What is VR conference platform development? 

Virtual reality conference platform development is the step-by-step process to develop an online meeting platform leveraging virtual reality. Simply, it is defined as an excellent way to develop a virtual 3D space where users can join, interact with each other, and effectively conduct business meetings. 

This VR meeting platform is different from the online meeting by its three-dimensional space where people can interact in real-time and enjoy the advantage of realistic meeting experience 

Advantages of developing VR conference platforms 

Easier and comfortable  

Planning a VR meeting is easier and more comfortable than real meetings where you don’t need to worry about the money spent in finding a venue, calling participants, participants’ jet lag, and unnecessary organizing costs. 

Good concentrations 

In VR meetings, participator’s concentration will be high and free from distraction. So the retention rate will stay high in virtual meetings. 

Easy to enter and exit 

The participant can enter or leave the VR meeting platform at their comfort and convenience without any social awkwardness and long ride to homes 

Free to share 

In VR conferences, participants can share their thought and opinions without any fear. Because they are safe and in the comfort of their home. 

Eco-friendly meeting 

VR conferences will completely eliminate the need for the participants to use disposable equipment to ride from home to the venue. Thus, it will reduce the Co2 emission that results in some health causes 

The next big thing in conferencing 

VR conferences shape the meetings to develop them beyond belief and imagination. In the future, we can attend conferences on the moon or can interact with life-like animals and so on 

VR conference platform development process 

The step-by-step process used in developing a VR conference platform is listed here 

  • Objective  

First, the objective of the development process must be decided. It has to deliver what the VR conferencing platform mainly work for, which type of business, and the business model. 

  • Requirement gathering 

Next, the requirements and resourced needed for the development process must be gathered 

  • Planning 

After collecting the resources, plan the route map to execute the business ideas without any errors or bugs. 

  • Design and development 

According to the business model, the VR conference platform will be designed. And the development will be done with advanced tech and solutions. 

  • Animating 2D and 3D objects 

Animation is an integral part of the VR conference platform development. Cutting-edge technologies will be used to make the VR platform more attractive, engaging and friendly. 

  • Exhaustive testing 

The developed product will be tested in three phases alpha, beta, and final test to check the flexibility of the software and find and clear the bugs, if any. 

  • Deployment 

Finally, the VR conference platform will be deployed at the desired platform of the business. The software will be made live and gather feedback from the user to reimagine the software to reach perfection.  

  • Support 

The software will be supported, scanned, and updated for the software’s lifetime. Updating is necessary to keep the performance of the software up to par. 

Exemplary features of VR meeting plaform 

Business can host variety of virtual events 

The VR meeting platform should come with the best solution to meet all the demands of the client. It must be suitable for both conferences and seminars 

The platform should be customizable 

The developed VR platform should bring real-life meeting rooms, office rooms, and board rooms to the virtual world, avatars of the participant in their favorite characters and bring the personality from live to virtual. 

No limits on team participants 

The virtual meeting platform or ecosystem must be built with the best tech and infrastructure to eliminate any limitations and must have the ability to handle large amounts of work to deliver the service demanded by the business 

Final Thoughts 

This is the end of the detailed guide on VR conference platform development. A Elite VR meeting platform should be developed in a more efficient way considering all the effects and demands by the business model 

Hence if you are a startup that wants to shift its workplace to remote and is in need of an efficient VR conference platform, then it is a good idea. Rather than developing the VR meeting platform on your own, hire a VR meeting platform development company. They will do better, and you will acquire a stunning product developed out of professional knowledge, immense experience, skilled expertise, and advanced solutions.

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