UberEats Clone App Development: A Comprehensive Guide

UberEats Clone App Development: A Comprehensive Guide

Ubereats is a top online food ordering platform that has been on the run since 2014. It is a hit app that has business in 6000 cities in around 45 countries. When taking food to the consumer place is a successful business model of many food-ordering apps, the Ubereats has become famous for its enhancing customer experience with delicate food apps and new projects that made it master of masters in its community.

This situation has led to the emergence of UberEats clone app development, the easy and simple development approach for startups to develop their own food ordering app. 

What is uberEats clone app development? 

UberEats clone app development is the process of developing the UberEats clone app with advanced techs and solutions. UberEats clone app is a software look-alike of the popular Uber-Eats platform, which will be developed to help and be readily used by businesses of the same business model. 

Step-by-step process to develop UberEats clone app 

The UberEats clone app will be created and kept on the inventory of a top development firm. When startups like you approach them for a clone, they will follow a step-by-step strategic method to customize the clone software for your company. And this section listed the steps in detail.   

Fruitful discussion:

To start, there will be a lively talk about your project’s goals, inspiration, mission, viability, and scope in the present market and the future market, as well as every other aspect of it.  

Gathering requirements:

Following discussion, the development company and the business side will both contribute their requirements. 

Team assignments:

For your project, the development company will assign domain experts with lots of experience.  


The company will create an intuitive user interface and user experience (UI and UX) that will work well with your project.  


Since this is a clone app, the base software will be modified by deleting and adding the features you desired for your project.  


The software will undergo various tests after customization to determine its scalability and any problems or errors.  


Finally, the software will be installed on the platform of your choice. 

Features infused in the uberEats clone app development 

UberEats clone app will be developed with excellent features and functions that will dedicatedly do the operations of the app and the list of those features is listed below. 

User features 

  • User login: Login is easy with phone numbers and password. Password recovery is also easy with mobile number 
  • Consolidated dashboard: the interpretable dashboard that listed the top restaurants and categories like veg/non-veg along with their location and specialities 
  • Restaurants near to me: This feature will show the nearby restaurants for the users to order menu that will come soon 
  • Menu Card: Each restaurant on the list will show a menu list and other details like food quantity, count, price, etc. 
  • Reviews and ratings: Users will be provided with the chance to review and rate the food which will serve as a source for others to order the same menu or order from the same restaurant 
  • Push Notification: The customer will be notified of every change related to the food from received order, cooking and packing to delivery agent locations. 
  • Order tracking: From restaurant to the user’s location, the order will be tracked with the GPS unit 
  • Favorite orders: Users can mark their favorite orders and see their past orders in the order’s list 
  • Attractive coupons: Through this feature, user can avail promo codes, coupon codes, and offers allotted to the particular restaurants and hotels 

Promotional Features 

  • Website order: The feature to order food from website and not restricted only to app 
  • Social site ordering: Integrating the food app with popular social sites from which the users can order food 
  • Logistics Integration: Ability to integrate food requests to the third-parties and requesting them to deliver the food to the particular location 
  • Voice instruction: This feature allows the user to instruct the location of the delivery agent with voice input in the app 

Monetization features 

  • Delivery fee: Platform owner can charge delivery fee from users based on the location 
  • Vendor fee: Vendors can charge a fee for every sale that will be approved by the admin 
  • Service price: The negotiable price that will received by the platform owners from the vendors 
  • In-app Ad: The Ads that are un-interruping to the food order can be placed in the app to earn money 

These features will be integrated into the UberEats clone app that will be developed by the experts of AiOC 

Why AiOC’s UberEats clone app? 

AiOC is a leading UberEats clone app development company in the market. At AiOC, every professional strives hard to make the product unique and strong enough to do business operations. If you are a startup that wants the UberEats clone app for its business, then you should contact AiOC. Because besides the quality product, it governs the extensive benefits listed below 

  • White labelling: Our clone can customize to hold your brand logo, name, color, schemes, etc. 
  • Free deployment: In a short time, we will submit your app in the google play store and apple app store 
  • Free bug support: Our quality tester will ensure free-bug support on the arrival of unexpected bugs and errors for the lifetime of the software 
  • Round the clock support: We provide 24/7 technical support through different communication modes 
  • Native apps: You will get an app that is compatible with Android and iOS. 

On hiring AiOC, these benefits will serve a good software and a perfectly running app for your business. So, stop all your work and contact AiOC to give a good start for your business. 

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