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How To Use TaskRabbit To Earn Money?

It all started in 2008 when Leah Busque, an American businesswoman, realized that many Bostonians couldn’t find time in their hectic schedules to do simple tasks. RunMyErrand, as TaskRabbit was previously named, connected people with “runners” who would finish their chores.

The concept was so popular that RunMyErrand rebranded as TaskRabbit within two years. What started as simple errands turned into a wide range of tasks.

Freelancers on the TaskRabbit platform were referred to as “Taskers”, and demonstrated the ability to execute jobs ranging from waiting in line to building an entire office’s worth of equipment.

People are ready to pay for a wide range of services, including cleaning, yard maintenance, accounting, videography, event planning, and even waiting in lengthy lines, so why not get rewarded for your additional time and expertise?

Select explains the ins and outs of utilizing TaskRabbit, including how to get started, how much you can earn, the time commitment required, and a few other crucial pieces of information you should be aware of if you want to sample the program or become a Tasker.

What is TaskRabbit, exactly?

TaskRabbit is an odd-job website that connects users, known as Taskers, to paying projects in over 60 U.S. cities. Taskers set their own prices and are compensated with tips.

According to the organization, popular occupations with higher earning potential include handyman work, moving, and cleaning.

Where to begin?

To begin with, go to the TaskRabbit website and click on “Become a Tasker.” After that, provide your email address, first and last name, phone number, zip code, and password to access the platform.


After you enter those details, it will direct you to the TaskRabbit app, which is accessible for Android and iOS, where you can complete your profile and submit it for verification. 

When Taskers are verified, the platform guarantees that you have a social security number, are at least 18 years old, and have a bank account to receive compensation. 

Taskers must also be able to pass a background check, and you must be able to provide certifications or licenses if the services you’re offering require them.

Consider TaskRabbit gigs

Here are a few ideas for earning money on TaskRabbit. It should be noted that some assignment types may be available exclusively in certain cities.

Clients are expected to compensate via the platform rather than cash for actions that require them to make an advance purchase (for example, when picking up an unpaid item). You must upload the receipt in these circumstances.

Perform errands

  • Get the dry cleaning
  • Deliver packages to the post office
  • Fill out your prescriptions

Most people find these errands to be a logistical nightmare.


Yes, you can get paid to wait in line, on a field, or for delivery. In Washington, D.C., for example, Taskers earn an average of $30 per hour to secure a table at a trendy new restaurant or to maintain a sports field for a recreational sports team. 



You can develop a secondary business out of your artistic abilities. You can help clients decorate for an occasion like a wedding or home party, or you can assist them with hanging pictures on their walls or putting up holiday lights. 

According to TaskRabbit, your decorative expertise might earn you $60 to $124 for each assignment.

Clean the home

Few people enjoy cleaning. That’s perhaps why the average cleaning task on TaskRabbit pays between $70 and USD 155. Purchase a mop and some cleaning supplies, establish a reputation for thorough work, and you can have that money.

You could get a one-time or recurring cleaning job.

Assist during a party

Event jobs as a bartender, servers, or caterers are available. Taskers may also have to greet visitors and assist with setup and cleanup. Some party staffing requests may be more unusual, especially around Halloween, when Taskers can often acquire tasks that require them to dress in character and engage with attendees.

What are the earnings?

While you can establish your own pricing for each service you do, TaskRabbit will provide rate ideas based on market supply and demand in your area – use this as a starting point for selecting a rate if you’re unsure.

If you have several years of experience with a given work, you may want to charge a little more than the platform suggests.

However, if you’re merely utilizing the platform to improve talent, you might want to stick to the recommended rate for that work or skill.

What are the benefits?

You can join the TaskRabbit Elite if you consistently receive high ratings for completing assignments. To be eligible for the program, Taskers must routinely receive a minimum rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars for their jobs, have no platform infractions in the previous 90 days, and be in the top 5% of earnings on the platform. 

Those who join the TaskRabbit Elite will also receive a distinctive emblem on their profiles to differentiate themselves from other Taskers.

In addition, Taskers can earn $10 for introducing friends to the platform; they must sign up as a Tasker using your unique referral link for you to make some extra cash.

Wrap It Up

If you’re searching for an easy method to establish a local clientele by employing abilities you already have, TaskRabbit could help you earn some additional cash. And especially if the jobs entail labor around the client’s house. 


Individuals who are just starting or want to use their abilities to create a business can check out TaskRabbit. It allows you to scale up your services, and you may find consumers through the app who may become repeat clients who contact you in the future, on or off the app.

You may now find TaskRabbit clone apps that offer the same features. Platforms such as AiOC can assist you in developing such platforms that benefit both taskers and owners.

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