Thumbtack Clone vs. Thumbtack?

Thumbtack Clone vs. Thumbtack?

Clone software always maintains a love-hate relationship with its original platforms.

Like how the Netflix clone maintains with the Netflix, OnlyFans clone maintains with OnlyFans, PayPal clone maintains with the PayPal, and how a Thumbtack clone maintains with Thumbtack. There will be always a war between them for which is the best software in all aspects. Probably you have seen many comparison blogs in the past. In that line, now we are going to see which software is the best in the case of Thumbtack clone and Thumbtack in different aspects.  

So, let’s start 

What exactly is Thumbtack and Thumbtack clone? 

Thumbtack is an American-based home service platform launched in 2008. It is developed to hire professionals for home management like home improvement, even organization, re-modeling, and financial and legal services 

home service

Hence it is a dedicated platform for the service providers and users where service providers list their services and get extensive reach and users can hire professionals for the particular service when they are in need. 

Inspired by the business model and design of Thumbtack, the Thumbtack clone was developed to help startups who want to start businesses like Thumbtack, TaskRabbit, Yelp and HomeAdvisor.  

Even though it is a clone, it has been developed with many magical elements to work more than an original platform. Thumbtack clone is superior to Thumbtack in many aspects like performance, feature list, technology, and functionalities. The clone has the power to help startups to take on the global competition and become an industry leader. 

How do the Thumbtack clone and Thumbtack work? 

Since the thumbtack clone is developed similarly to the thumbtack, the working of both is also similar.  


Generally, this software is an online directory filled with professional service providers for home management. On one side, the service providers have to sign in and create their profiles and have to list their services. On the other hand, Users have to sign up for the website and pick the best professional among the millions of service providers in the account according to their needs.  

These activities consolidate the working of both Thumbtack and Thumbtack clone. 

How is the Thumbtack clone better than the Thumbtack? 

A Thumbtack clone’s superiority over Thumbtack can be described in aspects like features, customization options, monetization options, and performance. A detailed explanation of each aspect is listed here 

Features of Thumbtack clone 
1 . Basic features 

Taskmaster Profile: Each professional service provider who offers the service will be able to create their profile and can customize it with important information like pricing for service, portfolio, references, achievements, etc. 

Project Posting: The feature for users to post a job or project for which they require a taskmaster. This feature is integrated to select the eligible service provider of the same interest. 

Smart Search & Match: The feature for the taskmaster to select the job that suits them and match their portfolio quickly and efficiently 

In-app Chat: After selecting the right master, the user and the service provider can start a conversation in this enhanced chat feature 

Payment Interface: The features with extensive payment options for the user to facilitate easy payments.  

Reviews & Ratings: The feature to rate and write about professional services will help others to select the genuine taskmaster. Taskmasters also can gain more reach with the customers 

2. Security features 


Excellent data security: The Thumbtack clone’s security measures are well-built and incorporate high integrity to protect data of the app users.   

End-to-end encryption: The data transmitted here is end-to-end encrypted, allowing only those with the proper access to enter.  

Backups of conversations: Every chat session is recorded and kept on the corporate server. Only the admins with the proper credentials can access it after inputting the correct information. This information can be retrieved and used in dispute governance. 

Good platform policies: We reviewed the prototype before writing the platform policies addressing users’ and taskmasters’ concerns.  

Multi-factor authentication: The best authentication techniques are used to make a clone. No one can fake the profile  

Strict guidelines for task managers and users: The duties of users and taskmasters, as well as what they can and cannot do, will be clearly defined in our rules. These policies will be shown to new users and taskmasters to get their acceptance. This ensures the integrity of the website and enables effective operation.    

Monetization features 

Monetization options for owners of the business-like thumbtack are enormous in the thumbtack clone. They are  

Commission: The feature for the admin to earn commission on the earnings of taskmasters like 15% or 20% out of their every earnings. The commission charge differs for each taskmaster and the project they handle. 

Subscription: The feature to offer basic and advanced features free for taskmasters. They customize their features to support temporary labor and charge them to make money.  

Collaboration & Partnerships: The feature to obtain commission from the buys from Ikea, eBay, or Amazon if the business owner has a friendly collaboration with them 


Customization is the finest option offered by clone software. Considering that the Thumtack clone is an identical replica. No firm will profit if an identical product is bought and released. They must alter it in accordance with their business objectives and mission, and that is a given gift in the clone.  

Everything in the clone software is customizable, including the company name and logo. Businesses may then customize it in accordance with their preferences to show the distinctiveness of their brand and foster user trust. 

High efficiency and dependability  

It is challenging to create a clone that qualifies as high-performance software. However, the Thumbtack clone has been expertly created to function better than the Thumbtack platform.   

When doing activities requested by the users, the clone software works quickly and effectively. Despite the complicated functions and features it was constructed with, the clone is responsive and reactive to the rising demand. It is primarily swift and functional, and it is compatible with different operating systems and screen sizes. 

Hence In Conclusion 

The Thumbtack clone is better than the Thumbtack platform with extensive platform features, customization, payment options, monetization options, and high performance. Overall, it is proved that the Thumtack clone is not a copy but a quality software that is unique and an ideal option for startups to launch their dream software.  

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