Viral Teenage Filter On TikTok

How To Get The Viral Teenage Filter On TikTok?

We all know how famous the TikTok platform is in countries like China, the USA, Indonesia, Brazil, Russia, and many more. Its idea of short-form video content made it one of the prominent social media business models that gonna sustain for a long time and has a feasible market in the future.

TikTok is famous for many engaging features like video creation, Duets, TikTok music, etc. Besides these features, there is the important one that TikTok is most famous for is its AR filters and effects. 

It is home to a variety of filters and recently its teenage filter is going viral in the web2 world. Many people are using this and posting their younger self pics on the platform to get more likes, comments, and shares. 

Since it has been a viral filter on the internet for a month now, it induced the question of many users about how to get that teenage filter in their TikTok app, and also it induced the curiosity of many TikTok like apps in the market on how to integrate such viral teenage filter in their own platform.

That is why this blog gonna dives into explaining how to get those teenage filters on the app both from the user side and the business side.

How to get the viral teenage filter on TikTok?

Currently, the Teenage filter is not available in a few countries. So as a user, even if you follow these steps, you will not get that in your app. But if you are in a location where this teenage filter is available, then follow these steps.

  1. Click on the TikTok installed on your phone
  2. Touch the plus icon on the TikTok homepage which will open the camera
  3. Then Tap the “Effects” button on the bottom left corner
  4. Click on the magnifying glass and search for “Teenage Look”
  5. The filter with the same name will be shown
  6. Tap on that to apply 

If the teenage filter has not resulted from your search, you can try to apply that effect from the other videos.

How to integrate the Teenage Filter on TikTok like apps?

The owners of the apps like TikTok who want to integrate such teenage filters on their platform would need a platform like Effect House to develop their unique Teenage filters. This Effect House is software created by TikTok especially to make AR filters. The startups of TikTok like apps have to develop a platform like Effect House to generate diverse filters to make their platform more engaging and interactive for their customers. 

  1. Effect House comes with abundant documentation to create different AR filters 
  2. This platform also has a detailly structured tutorial section and knowledge lab for the developers that will give live demos on TikTok effect studio.
  3. Effect house allows the developers to build filters with 2D, and 3D elements, face effects, animation, lighting, location tagging, shadow texture, and scene.
  4. By using all these features along with other aspects like logic, time, movements, etc, the creators can build various AR filters for them.
  5. The augmented reality feature of this platform will allow creators to detect and track position and body movements in 3D
  6. After creating a filter, the preview of the filter will be tested by the creators
  7. After testing, the filter will be uploaded to the cloud and will be integrated into the desired platform

Apps similar to TikTok have to build Effect studio like this with these features to generate distinct AR filters for them. If you are the owner of TikTok like app who has the tech knowledge to do this, You can do this on your own. If not, it is better for you to hire a professional development company in the market like AiOC.

How AiOC will help you?

AiOC is the leading company that is offering software development services for a few successful years. Our customers are very important to us and so we make their dream come true with quality and reliable software. 

Also, we follow a strategic development process to develop the exact software demanded by our customers. The step-by-step process is explained below.

First, we understand your mission: We will have a potential discussion to know about your objective and about the aspects of TikTok effective studio.

Then, we create: A necessary plan to design and develop a filter will be weaved and we will follow that to raise an effective AR filter generation platform.

Implementation: After development and thorough testing, we implement the software with your TikTok like app.

After-support: Even after the implementation, we will keep track of the progress to offer you an even better platform.

These strategic processes will be followed the same for you after your collaboration with us. So stop hesitating, contact us, share your requirements, and we will give you a stellar software solution to get succeed in your business.


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