How To Build Airbnb Clone?

Airbnb clone is about finding a white-label Airbnb that is used to customize or build a similar type of housing or short-term rental marketplace. Launching a website like Airbnb is easier, quicker and more affordable. The purpose is to guide and help follow a similar path and build a website like Airbnb.

Airbnb clone is the new technology one step solution for entrepreneurs that gives them the freedom to launch their rental platform. It comes with essential features that help run the rental business in the market.

Airbnb is unique among other rental business scripts because it is user-friendly and caters for the customer’s needs. The Airbnb clone is software having the same core features and functions similar to Airbnb. It is a digital service marketplace that is connecting owners to service providers with travelers, tourists and service seekers.

Airbnb works and is precisely described as a-

  • Location-based:
    This means customers need to be at the same location as the listing to make a transaction. It influences both requirements and business strategy.
  • Rental marketplace:
    Means bringing together people who own idle assets with people who want to rent those assets.
  • Peer-to-peer:
    means Airbnb’s primary user groups. On P2P marketplaces, private individuals act as sellers, buyers, or both. 

So to build an Airbnb clone, these five steps are followed:

1. Validate your Airbnb Idea:

Start validating your startup idea by identifying who your target audience is, what problem it has and whether your concept offers an improvement. After it validates all these assumptions to people.

For location-based businesses, the best strategy is the focus. Just find one vertical and one geographical area. Then win it and start scaling location by location.

2. Choose your Business Model:

 A few business models are there like Airbnb that are used to generate revenue:

  • Commission: It requires charging a flat fee or a percentage out of each transaction.
  • Membership: It refers to charging a subscription fee for joining the platform.
  • Listing fee: It means charging a fee when a provider posts a listing.
  • Lead fee: It means charging providers for access to customers.
  • Freemium: It refers to charging for additional features but core features are free.
  • Featured listings/ ads: It charges the providers or other businesses for visibility.

So when validating a business idea, make sure you also think about the monetization model. Check the offers and find out the most reliable income options that allow you to scale up the business.

3. Define the Key Features: 

 Features that Airbnb clones require are very different from those offered by traditional online stores and product-selling marketplaces. The essential features are as follows-

  • Profiles and listings:

 A large no. of customers and providers make transactions. So to do so Airbnb users create an account and publish the updated descriptions about themselves and their offerings.

  • Map location search:

 Our location-based websites like Airbnb can’t get by without powerful search engines. Both the customers and providers need to be physically close to each other.

  • Online payments:

Peer-to-peer marketplaces allow the customers to make bookings and payments via the site. Huge payment features make use of the platform easy and convenient. It is therefore crucial in building a successful platform business.

  • Reviews and transactions:

 A two-sided review function is a must on the Airbnb clone app. After a transaction, the customer reviews the provider and the provider reviews the customers. The public review boosts the trust and great reviews tend to boost sales too.

  • Availability and booking management:

Customers should always browse and book listings that are available during the desired dates. The feature is very important to the value proposition of rentals like Airbnb.

  • Delaying payments or holding funds:

 When payments are delayed, customers pay for a listing right away when they book it. This feature is found in many Airbnb- like businesses. Delay in payouts is a powerful way that ensures honesty both from the providers and customers.

  • Admin tools:

 Being a marketplace admin requires that you want to be able to send notifications to users.

4. Choose how to Build an Airbnb Clone Quickly and Affordably: 

Custom development gives much freedom and design to build the marketplace. The Airbnb marketplace is more complex than any other application. Also, the development process takes extremely high time and costs. Airbnb can get minimal customization work. However, the budget time is a rough estimate. 

5. Launch your MVP and Plan a Growth Path:

The best way to succeed in launching a website like Airbnb needs to focus on a defined audience. The first version to launch MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is executed to ensure that the platform solves the problems of users. 

Hence creating a successful marketplace business is tough and challenging but building a powerful marketplace for Airbnb clones is an important step. Therefore it is crucial to focus on a well-defined target audience and answer their needs better than anyone else. 

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