What is ONDC?

Open Network Digital Commerce is a private non-profit organization developed by the Department for the Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade of the Government of India to develop an open network for e-commerce. It was first established in April 2022 with the intention of giving small-scale company owners an upper hand over major businesses like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

All types of retailers, including those offering groceries, meal delivery, hotel reservations, and travel arrangements, can use this open network. For instance, when Flipkart and Amazon work together through ONDC, a user searching for a certain product—of any kind—can get results from both platforms on a single interface. A user can choose the item from any of those who provide it with a better deal.

How does All-in-One-Cluster’s (AiOC) ONDC work?

The normal functioning of online stores in India is that we have to download a specific app like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc, which gives us a platform to sell or buy products on these shopping applications. Every shopping app gives its own unique shopping experience and sets different online marketplaces. Precisely, you will have to download an app to commercialize products in that respective online marketplace.

As a result, it makes flexible online buying more difficult. On the other hand, AiOC’s ONDC offers products from numerous online apps on a single platform. This platform allows users to look for and purchase a certain product, and it also allows sellers of all kinds to sign up and offer their goods at attractive prices to customers.

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Why is the All-in-One-Cluster’s ONDC getting wide acceptance?

The ONDC team intends to improve its efficiency, just like UPI did for the Indian economy. In an open network, buyers and sellers can transact regardless of the platform or application they use to be digitally visible or available on the network, provided that the platforms and applications are compatible. The goal of ONDC, according to its strategy paper, is to develop a whole new network protocol for e-commerce activities, similar to how HTTP, UPI, and IMAP are used for payment systems, emails, and the World Wide Web, respectively.

The ONDC network can be used by any digital commerce sector, including mobility, food delivery, logistics, travel, urban services, etc. ONDC does not intend to limit its usage in the retail sector alone. Practically "any digital purchase or sale of goods or services between a buyer and a seller." Now you can see how vast the ONDC is intended to be and how much of an impact it will have on all types of e-commerce activities.

All-in-One-Cluster has years of experience in developing different clone products enabling clients to reach the top of their business. We work closely connected with our clients to completely comprehend your business ideas and identify the best method that matches your business. Professionals of All-in-One-cluster can implement the best tailored ONDC clone in your business.

Features of All-in-One-Cluster’s ONDC

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Unique shopping experience

A vast, diverse marketplace will open up before a buyer looking for a specific product from several seller applications thus ensuring an outstanding shopping experience.

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Simple accessibility

ONDC is a government-supported establishment that will enable the country to democratize its eCommerce ecosystem by opening a network where buying and selling are not devised by a platform-centric model.

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Sellers regardless of their business model are able to exhibit their products and services through an online platform.

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Significant elements in the functioning of ONDC

Every business enterprise can be the ONDC network by handling anyone or more roles from the below-mentioned categories.

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Connect buyers to the network

Encourage customers to utilize your interface to make purchases from any ONDC-registered vendor.

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Connect sellers to the network

Application on the network that enables retailers and sellers to post their product and service catalog and conduct business with clients.

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ONDC work process

Based on parameters like geography or domain, the application on the network will broadcast the search request received from buyer-side applications to all seller-side apps.

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Technology services

Provide software and other technical add-ons for the other three roles.

The technology used to create the ONDC App by All-in-One Cluster

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Why choose All-in-One-Cluster for developing ONDC?

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Completely customizable

The complete source code for the ONDC app from All-in-One-Cluster is included. This source code is totally adaptable and can be quickly customized to meet your unique needs. These adjustments are incredibly adaptable.

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Proficient tech stack

We stay current on the most recent technology advancements. Modern tools like React, Express.js, and GraphQL are used in the development of the All-in-One-Cluster to deliver remarkable performance.

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Round-the-clock support

You can use our services any day of the week and at any time. Our customer service team is happy to answer any questions you may have.