What is a Job Portal Clone?

A Job Portal clone is a pre-built script or template that enables users to create a Job Portal website with ease. It is essentially a copy of an existing Job Portal website but can be customized to suit the user's specific requirements. By utilizing a clone, users can save significant time and effort that would otherwise be required to create a Job Portal website from scratch. Additionally, clones can be utilized to create and sell online businesses that are hosted on the internet.

How does our Job Portal Clone work?


Discover the Solution

Simply click on "Get a demo!" to try out our Job Portal appand explore its main features.


Customize to your needs

You can easily customize the clone to fit your specific needs and add your own branding.


Launch Your Job Portal

Get your portal up and running in no time by skipping the tedious development process.


Engage Job Seekers and Employers

Connect job seekers with relevant openings and help employers post jobs and review applicants.


Enjoy Hassle-free Operations

Our task management script is beginner-friendly, making it easy to navigate without expert knowledge.


Scale and Succeed

Expand your portal with confidence by utilizing our adaptable solution and continuous assistance.

Why choose our Job Portal Clone?

Starting a job portal can be quite time-consuming and intricate. However, with our job portal clone app you can bypass all the hassle of development. Swiftly get your portal up and running. Our clone offers features that are at the forefront of the industry and specifically crafted to streamline and improve the recruitment process. By utilizing our solution, you can experience all the advantages of a job portal without having to concern yourself with technical intricacies.

- Customize easily to unique needs.
- User-friendly interface for seamless navigation.
- Efficiently connect job seekers with relevant job openings.
- Hassle-free job posting and application management for employers.
- Ongoing support and updates for smooth operations.
- Scalable solution to accommodate your portal's growth.


Features of our Job Portal Clone - Admin Panel

job-portal app

Admin Dashboard

Admin can access the Dashboard to view important information such as the total number of Employers, Jobseekers, Categories, Jobs, and more.

job-portal script

Manage Jobseekers

The admin can view and manage job seeker info, certificates, and applied jobs by activating, deactivating, deleting, editing, and viewing.

job-portal script

Manage Employers

Admin can manage employer lists, activate/deactivate, and verify them.

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Manage Jobs

Admin can manage job postings, activate/deactivate them, and view a list of job seekers who applied.

airbnb like app

Manage Payment Configuration

The admin has the ability to update the configuration of the payment gateway.

airbnb like app

Manage Course

The admin can see the list of courses, manage them, and view specialization details.

Features of our Job Portal Clone - User Panel


Manage Job Alerts

Users can get set up and get Job alerts as per their preferred jobs, position, locations, and more.


Manage Profile

Users can manage and modify their profiles as per their requirements. They can edit their job preferences and more.


Save Favourite Jobs

The user can save their favourite jobs so that they can see them later and apply for the job.


Search and Apply for Jobs

The user can search and apply for jobs as per their preference and qualifications.


Check for Applied Jobs

Users have the ability to verify the status of their job applications.


Jobs By Preference

The user can set up job preferences as per industries, positions, locations, and more.

Features of our Job Portal Clone - Employer Panel


Membership Plans

To access the various categories of the panel, employers can purchase a membership plan.


Create and Manage Jobs

Employers can create job listings with various details such as position and location, and can also effectively manage their job listings.


Update Job Status

Employers can update the status of a job, indicating whether they are still in the process of hiring or if they have already filled the position.


Payment History

Employers can check their payment histories and invoices as per their purchased plans.


View Jobseeker Profile

Employers can review a jobseeker's profile to determine if they are a suitable fit for their job opening.

job-portal app

Favorite Candidates

Employers can have the option to save jobseekers' profiles as favorites if they meet your current position requirements or any other qualifications.


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